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Nursery Pager

Simplifing, growing and protecting your church

Do your church nursery pagers provide after service follow up, new visitor welcome pacakges, secured child check ins, audit trails and silent church-wide alarms? Of course not -- they just vibrate.

Does Nursery Pager page parents? Of course. But it does way more.

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(Some of) The Features
you won't live without (anymore).

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    Lines are sooo 1999. Stop leaving people standing in the doorways and securely check children in and out in seconds.

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    Bzz. Bzz. Get parents' attention without disrupting the service by sending messages -- not just vibrations.

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    Lawsuits suck. Closing your doors forever because of one, sucks even more. Protect your church with emergency response tools and a full audit trail. If something goes wrong, you'll know you did everything you could, and have the evidence you need.

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    Did you hear that? That was the sound of another church flushing Kingdom dollars down the toilet. Stop buying pagers that wear out and get lost. Nursery Pager turns cell phones into pagers. Plus no apps or software to install.

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    How well do you handle new families? Do you give them welcome packages, personally invite them to events, and talk to them when they get home? Nursery Pager does -- automatically. Turn new families into new members. After all, this is suppose to be about ministry, isn't it?

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A Case Study

Imagine a new family comes to your church. Meet Mr. & Mrs. Maggie and Little Johnny.

Mrs. Maggie checks Little Johnny into Sunday School by typing her phone number and name (it's that easy). She immediately gets a secure check out code via text message with instructions on how to pick Little Johnny up after the service.

Because she's new, she also gets a welcome message with a link to your website and an invitation to the new members lunch next week.

Part way through the service you send her a message. Maybe you ask her to come back because she's needed. Or maybe you just send her a note that says "Johnny is having so much fun and making friends!"

When the service ends, Mrs. Maggie comes down with her security code to check Little Johnny out. An hour later she automatically gets a message that says: "Thanks Maggie for coming to our church. We loved having Johnny, and hope you'll be back next week! If you have questions give us a call at 555-555-5555 or check out Oh and don't forget about lunch next week!".

All of this happened effortlessly. All of this happened automatically.

How do you think Mrs. Maggie feels about your church?
Did she feel welcomed?
Did she feel she could trust you with her family?
Does she know how to find out more about you or how to contact you?
Do you think the odds she'll come back increased?

Is this better than what you're doing now?
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There are no terminal fees, member limits, messaging costs, or per "seat" prices.
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Comparable software solutions cost $180/month!

Traditional pagers cost $100 each!!

So the only real question is, how will your church reinvest your savings into the Kingdom?

Because for us, ministry is our business.

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